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Well, it's been a while since I've been on here. True to the stars, I have been busy welcoming the new Taurus-Scorpio eclipses and their calls to action as well as embracing the new Jupiter energy in Pisces that will be blessing us through 2022.

The eclipses are reshaping our attitudes toward things deep and intimate and, depending on where these eclipses fall in our houses, will connect us to our shadow work: those places where we need to add light in order to dig into those parts of ourselves that have lain hidden or neglected for too long or require surfacing for healing or, most importantly, need to be integrated into a fuller, more whole and healthy self. Why? Without this work, we risk operating with fewer skills and talents when the world needs our service more than ever. We limit ourselves and our expression in the world. We miss information that might prove otherwise most valuable in our explorations, internal and external. Most importantly, we overlook divine connections to our home and universe. All of us are blessed in our journey and discovery is key to fulfillment and actualization. Even the shadows need lifting.

These eclipses are fixed. Their energies are stable and solid: they allow us to transform with support and consistency. Therefore the invitation to change is positive and permits flow. The more grounded and stable we are near these eclipses, the better. There is also a cumulative effect to these eclipses, encouraging newer and stronger foundations with each event. The request is that we pivot with practicality, sensibility, knowing, and belief. The result is that we come into the world more grounded, illuminated and illuminating. We are all asked to be light workers in our own right.

Add Jupiter in Pisces to this mix and you have what can truly be called a season of service. Fueled by the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse action and those discoveries and adjustments, Jupiter in Pisces points to our place in the world: our love language with the universe. What are YOU designed to do in this world? What is your way of delivering value and purpose? What is your soul song? Deep stuff, right?! Pisces, a Water sign, permits Jupiter beneficence to flow easily into our lives and it triggers the emotional connections we have to our day-to-day existence. Pisces also plumbs duality - the upstream and downstream movement of water - and supports the shadow work discussed above and actioned by the current eclipse series.

So as we are collectively called upon to bear our untold stories and bring them into the world in shared service, I would like to share changes to my own narrative. Beginning in January, I will be freely offering readings and channeling to anyone that seeks them. Once a week, I have reserved an evening to read and offered that time - that fixed, beautiful commodity we have in life - so that it may benefit someone else.

Simply go to the site ( and under the "Book Online" tab you'll see the modified services page. Choose a service that appeals to you and you will be directed to the calendar for available sessions - you can book up to a year in advance and I will be monitoring for repeat bookings so that time is fairly distributed to those interested in a session. I have been keeping a waiting list and have just wrapped up those readings for the year. I'll begin again in 2022 and will keep a rotating list of up to 10 people should you not be able to book. If you are having difficulties finding a spot, please reach out via the various contact options on the site and on Instagram @weareanamchara.

Wishing you light and love,

~ anamchara

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