Sturgeon Full Moon 2021

Before you read this entry, take a peek at last month's blog to refresh on the first of this full moon pair. The same themes apply to this August Aquarian full moon:

- the importance of authenticity in how you navigate the world

- for those of us exploring, the pull toward identity and realizing it

- committing to your practice and not denying talent

- the value of others as we pursue goals, dreams, and outcomes dear to us

As with all good reduxs, this full moon is giving you a shot at refinement of these themes. Did you learn anything in the last month that requires you to adjust or pivot your pursuits? Has there been a response or feedback of some kind that you can incorporate into your plans and better them? This full moon is asking that you stay committed and on path; but, with some scrutiny and revision. The same, in others words: just BETTER.

This full moon is also known as a "sturgeon" moon as this fish was abundant at this point in the summer according to native traditions. Abundance is an important theme to complement this full moon as it is blessed by Jupiter, the great benefactor. In fact, this entire full moon cycle is protected by Jupiter and insists that the work that is done to finesse those full moon intentions is highly supported.

Add to this that this full moon stands at exactly the midpoint between solstice and equinox and you have the perfect timing to grease those wheels and do the work designed for culmination over our next three (yes, three) full moon cycles as we near annual close. This powerful positioning, augmented by the dual full moon and cloaked by Jupiter should be ample encouragement that any focus on your personal 2021 outcomes is simply good.

For your full moon ritual, I recommend a meditation on this quote by Zen Shin: "A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to us. It just blooms."

This full moon peaks this morning, on August 23rd. Welcome today with a morning made for you - in full or in part. This is peak flower season. Summer is will roll toward fall equinox from this very day and wanes in the sign of Virgo, a classic period of rest and contemplation. Soak up the summer heat and sunshine. Celebrate the flowers that add colour and vibrance to our landscape. Contemplate their beauty. Contemplate your beauty.


~ Anamchara

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