Strawberry Moons Forever!

This afternoon marks a wonderful full moon in Capricorn (earthbound we are!) This moon is super interesting because it references what may have happened with and since its corresponding new moon in January (think back: anything culminating from your new year intentions that you set? anything that is cycling back and needs attention?). Capricorn - also January's sign - focuses on public life, career, reputation, and plain old responsibility. The work of this full moon is all about any adjustments or changes you require to improve these domains. So, any changes you put in place could be seeing light now. But there is more...

This full moon is in opposition to Cancer (we are in Cancer season now with the recent Summer Solstice). Capricorn, being the domain of career, professional, and performance in the world, is challenging the homefront, represented by Cancer. There may be an imbalance between demands in your professional world and anything required of you at home. You could also be making professional decisions that are in some level of conflict with needs at home. People close to you may not understand demands on your time or your need to prioritize work and home.

The key here is also about nurturing: yourself and others. Self-care matters where you may need to strike a balance. But, also, taking a breathe is in order and remembering that we all need soft launches right now. And leading with love is the way to go, should you experience some tension and conflict between these fronts. Also remember that love and attachment

(ruled by Cancer) and achievements and rewards (ruled by Capricorn) are wonderfully complementary. We are invited to meet our responsibilities while being available to nurture our people. Where Cancer is about our ambitions and goals, Capricorn is about our beginnings: for this full moon, consider the reconciliations you might make with yourself and others to blend where you've been to where you're going; what home needs to be to enable great work and vice versa. Balance those commitments: set actions that set the balance; remove any items that impede it.

Why is this called a Strawberry Moon you ask? This moon represents indigenous alignment of lunar cycles with matters of life. At this time of this full moon, wild strawberries would be available for picking.

Strawberries may actually factor into your full moon ritual! If you like strawberries - or any berry - plan a meal or treat in which you eat (yes: eat!) and enjoy your dish. You may offer a bowl of berries to Gaia and give thanks to her bounty (Capricorn is an Earth sign, remember). The little creatures and birds will love you for it. You could also plant strawberry seedlings or a blueberry bush and watch its bounty grow (remember: nurturing is the word of this full moon!). Berry picking is in play right now, too. Because the effect of this full moon is about two weeks, you don't have to rush out and conduct a berry ceremony today: you have two full weeks to enjoy the effects of this moon. In any event, consider linking your full moon ceremony with what this cycle is associated with: wild berry gathering. :)

Here is a balancing prayer for your benefit as you meditate over this berry moon!

Spirit, that loves us infinitely, I thank you for all the help you have given me in living my life in balance, those people you have put in my life who help me maintain my balance, and for being with me in my work, my relaxation, my loved ones and in my prayer.

~ Namaste

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