Spring Solstice Fresh Starts

Spring Solstice has always been a magical time of year for me: it closes what is typically a demanding season for us up in the North and also harkens (even those of us affected by time adjustments) to brighter, longer days. This season, no surprises, invites seeding, planting, incubating, germinating: all activities that welcome ideas and concepts and, with nurturing and proper planning, bode well for manifestation and culmination, whatever moves you.

What kind of flowers are you planting? Well, under the Libra Full Moon today, March 28th, it means that you should go BOLD and pursue dreams and desires that speak to your soul - and no one else's. This astrological new year asks you to beat to the rhythm of your own instrument to make powerful music.

Hey, Libra is the first sign of "WE", you say! Yup, indeed. But, spirit is asking that you clarify your relationships in such a way that you do not sacrifice or compromise yourself or your needs. Bond away: but, be present and mindful of what rests in your heart. It's self-care, self-awareness, self-actualization and self-motivation first: by investing in yourself you can only - wait for it - be wholly available to others.

So, here is something you can do for yourself as you welcome your next adventure: write down a few things you would like to initiate this season. Could be small. Could be big. Could bring you small happinesses. Could offer big joy. Whatever it may be, write them to yourself in a letter, in an email, or on a postcard. And then, in the spirit of the Libra Air Full Moon, send them to yourself. Be your OWN messenger over the wind, the miles, the ether. RECEIVE the message and embrace it. Then prepare for action. ~ Kimberly

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