Set Your Intentions! This Farmer's Moon is BIG.

On May 11th, get ready to plant powerful seeds and watch them grow! On this only Taurus new moon in 2021, this moon is all about intentions and moving forward in practical, planned, serious ways. And more.

There is plenty of good luck under this moon: a spectacular offer may come to you unexpectedly or good news may come your way and require a quick response. Uranus is in the mix - so surprises are in store. In any event, expect the unexpected and be mindful of the messages that come your way as they may point you in the direction of new opportunities and much needed change.

Keep this in mind: anything you begin now will unfold over the next six months, culminating at the full moon on November 19th. This gives you just over six months to set things in motion. I'll write more on that November moon later this year; but, suffice to say that it will be a powerful lunar eclipse that sees completion and culmination stemming back to this new moon cycle and what you set into motion NOW.

Have you ever performed a new moon ritual? It's all about cleansing, declaring and planting. For Earth New Moons, I recommend writing down your intentions on paper, making them material, and burying or placing them in the ground. A flowerbox or planter will even do. Perhaps your favourite trail or under a beloved tree. You get the picture: place those desires in the earth so that they can grow.

We should probably mention Pluto as well. This planet of transformation is placed well under this new moon and the Sun. You could see positive changes in that part of your chart where Taurus lives. Together with Uranus and that element of surprise mentioned earlier, this could mean a significant gain, windfall, or positive message of some sort. Stay tuned.

As if that wasn't enough, Mars will be in perfect communication with Uranus, the planet of surprise. Something may come fast and energetically, bringing big changes and deep transformations.

I will happily repeat myself: Set. Those. Intentions.

~ Anamchara

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