November: The Path Expectedly Unexpected

As I write this, the new moon in Scorpio has risen and still in effect through the 8th of November. Its energy, also in the season of Scorpio, is deeply transformational, emotional, internal and even psychic and sensual. Scorpio represents the season of death and demands that embedded beliefs and values be challenged if not changed.

This new moon is also not the only Scorpio injection this month: the entire month is Scorpionic and designed to be deeply moving, even confrontational. This season taps into root energy that is rumbling deep within: let it work its way forward as part of the transformational ask of 2021. What is emerging will also have visibility in May of 2022 at that full moon in Scorpio.

But what makes this new moon, and indeed much of November, even more interesting is the arrival of Uranus. Not only does it challenge this new moon energy, it also brings some needed drama to November's proceedings.

Uranus is metamorphic: it's designed for change. In fact, Uranus drives change through the art of the unexpected. It comes with surprises. And it does this to ensure that we are in receipt of information that we are in need of in order to get to the heart of an issue, understand it, and create a long-lasting response to it. Truths are revealed with Uranus. New and unexpected solutions are offered. People suddenly enter our lives - or exit them. The narrative is shifted; not to simply change up our stories per se as much as it is to ensure that we truly own and engage our paths. Embrace the change. Be surprised. Surrender and adjust. It is what is being asked of us right now.

There are also winged messages amongst us. Mercury and Jupiter, having gone direct, are flying on the heels of this new moon and bring support, luck, reward and benificence to what is a deep, soulful, and demanding month of transformation, surprises, adjustment and integration. Know that we are being held positively in this energy. It may feel challenging at times: this is the pivot required to level up.

And levelling up we will be doing! To close this November conversation, we can't forget the the new series of eclipses that we begin experiencing this month with the Taurus Full Moon and its emphasis on self-value and its declaration. This series of eclipses will offer their transformational support through October 2023. But it will be by November 2022 that you will most feel the changes and experience the outcomes of knowing your worth and expressing it on this planet.

With love,



Tanya Markul

Madalyn Aslan

Diana Haronis

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