New Moon in Virgo: The Purifier

This morning we welcome one of the luckiest new moons in 2021. You may have seen the sliver of light on clear nights as the moon waxes toward its fulfillment later this month: that crescent is offering clarity and cleansing as part of its growing gifts in September.

I'll talk about the power of Virgo in this new moon in just a moment: but, first, let's explore some important aspects in tandem with this powerful little moon.

First, Mars and Pluto are in perfect harmony today, September 6th. Mars activates the transformative qualities of Pluto and prepares the sky for a significant change where Virgo is placed in your chart (do you have your chart? Get one free here It is believed that Pluto raises Mars in its power, providing some amped up energy to this Virgoan moon: today, that energy peaks and encourages you to be daring and courageous around a single, clear and concise change.

Then we have another perfect pair in the sky as Venus sidles up with Jupiter. Now, these two planets, Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius, are separate from this new moon; but, their coupling on this day and in the company of so many other positive aspects, invites you to accept their love, beauty, and protection, especially where Libra and Aquarius reside in your chart. Money could be signalled here with Jupiter as benefactor and Venus in finances. Or a new project or creative endeavor could be coming your way in September. In any event, this energy brings a little lucky charm to proceedings of the day and it would be just plain silly not to integrate these beauties into your new moon welcome.

Now back to this new Moon in Virgo. This new moon is asking us to cleanse ourselves of any impeding or negative thoughts that do not serve us. This moon is perfectly placed ahead of the autumn solstice and the final work of 2021 to purify our plans. It asks us to clear mental space and nurture a pristine place in our minds for serving thoughts, images, dreams and patterns to emerge. This is work of the mind: and in partnership with the other influences mentioned above, supercharged and energetic.

Something needs refinement and WILL be uncluttered and unfettered in its emergence. Be grateful for the result: this is the final clearing for the year and part of the demands on our progress.

Your ritual: Conscious Clearing. Think of your mind as a garden that needs tending. Many of us have cultivated gardens this season and understand that planting is only one step of many. In order to harvest the best growing outcomes, we must not only remove the weeds; but, also nurture the environment in which the garden grows. This Virgo new moon is asking for some conscious cultivation here.

Sometime today, find yourself some space, a quiet place, to not only sit and relax and meditate; but to also do some serious clearing. If you have a burning ritual, open with that. Some of you may have a washing ritual. Some of you may want to actually go out into your garden and purify there (I am going to be doing that work). In any event, you WANT to be in your head. Go into that zone.

Says Debbie Ford: A Consciousness Cleanse is a process of both letting go and taking in. You have probably allowed things into your awareness, into your consciousness, that are not of the highest vibration. These thoughts, feelings, and unhealed incidents grow like something toxic inside your awareness.

Let these items bubble up (it may be uncomfortable at first - allow for that) and listen to them. Roll them around. And, then, like those gorgeous dandelions that have gone to seed, you pick them up and you blow them into the wind. Let. Them. Go.

We have important work left to do.

~ Anamchara

Credit to:

Katerina Sisperova

Just Astrology

Werner Erhard

Debbie Ford, Your Holiness

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