New Moon in Libra: And I Love It!

New Moon Libra 2021

Well, you may have noticed that I took a little break last month. It was my Virgo season, in my 12th House, and I took my annual rest to reflect, refresh, and revise. Yes: revise. Some seasons require change or, at least, the planning for change. I have been asking all of you what changes you wish to activate in your world as we land squarely in what is a major planetary activation in this last quarter of 2021. We've been talking about it all year. It's here.

This new moon in Libra - my new moon of the year it must be said - is not just about new moon energy that invites, depending on where Libra falls in your chart, a certain equilibrium, aesthetic, beauty, justice, balance and fairness in conducting your affairs and relationships. THIS new moon is all about motion. On October 6th, as I write this, not only does this new moon beckon new intentions that have reach into April of 2022; it signals major planetary shifts as critical planets go direct and form a heavenly "stellium" in the sky. Therefore, any intentions you wish to carry into this remainder of 2021 will be energized and have lasting implications through Spring of 2022. Choose wisely: the choices you make or keep now will have important impact. These me-first energies (in the we-first sign of Libra no less!) have oomph! Keep this in mind: you MUST activate your needs first in order to have maximum positive impact on others. This is more than the oxygen mask, my friends: this is about moving for you, by you, in you, for you. This is personal.

Back to the stellium - and this is a good one. Mars is exactly conjunct with this new moon and provides a boost as this planet continues its epic journey in Libra for the first time in 2 years. This is not just energetic: this is a catalyst for change. Add Pluto going direct after a 5-month retrograde and lifting the veil off everything that needs truth and light. You haven't been seeing clearly with so many planets in reverse? Feel a bit foggy? Well, prepare for some truths to reveal themselves in ways that help to clarify where you would and should expend energy and make investments. Receive information as a gift: the signals are out there.

Pluto often confronts our families of origin - our FOOs - and can be especially female in its energy. Think of "mother" in this context: your relationship to mother; your role as a mother; your desire to get the picture. Pluto asks that your changes run deep and get at the roots of what narratives you need to rewrite or remove in order to move forward. Because Libra connects to creativity, you could find yourself designing, renovating the home, creating art, making a relationship official, or even getting pregnant (should that be in your journey).

Venus then joins Pluto and in fine angle. Venus is the ruling planet of Libra and provides added warm, beauty, and even reward to this already supercharged new moon. Then add two more starry wonders that complete this stellium: the life-giving and happiness harbinger Sun and Mercury (about to go direct on October 18th). This stellium even challenges the Mercury retrograde underway, it's just that good. Add that this stellium is also in complementary Fire and Air signs and you have the recipe for new moon success. Let's count 'em: seven (!!!) out of ten planets in compatible elements ALL working to support this new moon. Have I made my point yet? Take a step toward something you DEARLY want. And, if you have been consistently sowing those seeds of intention, expect that you are close to the period of manifestation which begins in this next month.

Speaking of manifestation, it is important to note that Jupiter is in the mix as the great benefactor. In fact, today and tomorrow are "Jupiter" days and increase the magnanimity of this new moon. There is an element of reward or fortune when Jupiter is near and given that it is an air sign (Aquarius) it means that there is only alignment. Saturn is also playing in Air and as the lesson-teacher, is actually in harmonious alignment with Jupiter, signalling rewards at this time for lessons-learned and integrated.

I recommend this New Moon Libra affirmation by Ara. You actually have all month, beginning today. Pick a favourite place that represents harvest for you. I invite you to pick some remaining flowers from the season and combine with sage, chamomile, even rose for a light burning incense. As the new moon is in Air, you want to breathe, channeling your intentions into the Autumn sky. I will absolutely add that for those of you casting intentions in the sky, they are definitely spiritbound: with transformational Pluto direct and Hallowe'en upon us, this is the time of year when the veil between this world and spirit is whisper thin. Speak truthfully and from your belly because the universe is listening, loves.

~ Anamchara

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