Leo New Moon: The Power of 8/8 and The Gate

This morning welcomed a New Moon in Leo! Under our usual circumstances, this new moon - all about intentions - is energized by Leo energy. Anything you set in motion is supported by others and you could see your tribe showing up in surprising ways. The message here is that this new moon is not manifested alone. We master through connection and community. So, as much as we are all about welcoming things new, remember your peeps: there is love and support there.

We are here for the Lion's Gate, though. What is this you ask? Well, on this day, it is believed that third eyes open as the bold Sun in Leo, Sirius (another "sun") ignites in high spiritual frequency to create a portal.

More, today, this portal is aligned with Orion's Belt. Orion's Belt is the most visible and most distinctive constellation in the sky, remaining largely unchanged since ancient times. It offers cosmic wisdom and spiritual clarity. In tandem with the New Moon energy in Leo and alignment with Sirius (doubling up the sun and its summer power), this portal has powerful seeking qualities in illumination with Orion's Belt. This "gate" is present through August 12th, so you have time to engage your starry skies and point your prayers toward this magnificent constellation in the sky. This energy forces new opportunities and there could be dramatic beginnings coming your way. Just sayin'.

Consider the universal power of 8's (prosperity, fortune, transformation, infinity) as you are now being asked to make concrete what is still in dream-stage. Under this night sky (and any night sky to August 12th, really), consider this meditation from Alina Alive as you pull from The Gate that power designed to manifest magnified:

ENJOY! I'll be starting my evening meditation on the 8's tonight: August 8th at 8 pm. :)

Let me know how you have entered your Lion's Gate!

Anamchara ~


Felicia Bender

Alana Alive

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