Full Moon Pair to Watch! Aquarius in Action

How has your July been going? Well, if the energy of the month hasn't been enough to shake your foundation and get those new intentions moooooovinngggg, then this first of a rare double heading pair of full moons should do it for you.

These "blue moons" will activate your houses in Aquarius and give you not one, but two, consecutive chances to catapult a part of your life in which you have significant desire to manifest. It's time, folks. Feeling a little famous? Your public persona or brand could see a lift. You could see recognition of some great work you have done or something that you have posted. The point here is that it's public, open, celebrated. Even the most private relationships could get a boost now and suddenly be lived large, publicly declared or sanctioned.

Aquarius is connected to the cutting edge, the avant garde. It also rules technology, the internet, and social media. This sign is always a little ahead of the pack - a signaller of things to come. Seize this moon as an opportunity to take some risk and bring something near and dear to you in the open. Make it known. And absolutely be in receipt of information that should arrive that asks you to step up and out. It may be uncomfortable and even a little charged (full moons = emotions); but, this is a moon that simply speaks to joy. So get out there and joy!

A little more on the self-journey in this full moon cycle: you are invited to bring YOU more into the picture in the course of the next month. Be bold in your presentation. Consider sharing your story or reveal a special talent to the world. If you have been tinkering with a gig or even simply wanting some perspective on something you have been tooling, bring it into the open. There is a lot of vulnerability in putting ourselves out there in ways that are truly authentic: you may be pleasantly surprised at not only the responses you may receive; but, also by how YOU feel. This way of being in the world is what is being poked by this full moon: how are you showing up to your own journey?

By being a little braver and little bolder each day, you gain more comfort in the practice of yourself. You create the better networks that support you for YOU (and you for them). You become more actor to the author. And, really, this period of experimentation with these two full moons gives you room to test out a few things important to you, to gain experience in things new, and to shamelessly promote yourself and your intentions as you prepare for that intentional self that 2021 is demanding of all of us.

Last Note: this full moon is also known as a "Buck Moon" when male deer are adulting. In many traditions, deer are gentle messengers, reminding us to operate with love and navigate our world with peace. Here is a Buck Moon prayer for you as you perform your most authentic self in bold but loving manner:



Photo credits: RisingMoon

Astro credits: AstroTwins; Susan Miller; Madalyn Aslan; Anamchara

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