Cancer New Moon: Be Ambitious!

How has your July been going? This month is full of auspicious astrological activity and continues with a highly emotional and ambitious new moon in Cancer on July 9th! What hits you in the heart? Depending on where the 10th house falls in your chart, you will be deeply moved toward some north star in your life. This is precisely when we refer to passion projects and dreamwork: doing what deeply moves you.

This moon has its own lovely quirks: it nestles next to the upcoming Cancer Full Moon in January 2022 (!!) AND also converges with other new moon intentions that you have set and will see manifestation toward the end of 2021. If you think you have a lot of life to deeply live, you are most correct! 2021 is no joke when it comes to revisioning, reimagining, and resetting. What you are summoning now will have great effect toward the end of this year and early next. So think long term during your rituals under this new moon as you prepare for your 2022 debut now! The smaller steps you take today, even reinforced monthly, will simply make the best of your good work. The key is to stay committed and in full consciousness of what you are growing in your personal garden.

Some of you may be getting news now of changes in your career or experiencing a shift in your personal life. The key here is to dig into your feelings. We are often encouraged to make decisions devoid of emotion; but, in this instance, you are encouraged under this new moon to combine head and heart and ensure that any decisions you are making and any steps forward are FELT. If something is not resonating with your heart, it may not see the same success as with a decision that brings you happiness, joy, satisfaction, and simply that sense of being aligned intellectually and emotionally. This new moon should be pounding in your chest.

There is one challenge in this new moon and it rests with Saturn (always the taskmaster and teacher) and is mainly focused on balance between your personal life and home with your ambitions. All of us could probably benefit from those lessons and it goes without saying that making adjustments to ensure that the needs of your important folks are met while you invest in your own is always a good thing. Uranus, mentioned in previous posts this month, adds an element of surprise to proceedings and you may find that solutions pop up, offers are made, and perks appear where unexpected. The important thing to remember is that this new moon cycle is designed to perform: follow the heart, ensure your loved ones are supported through your change, and be open to opportunities. Again, there could be some surprises coming your way that confirm where you are setting intentions .

No new moon post would be complete without a ritual or meditation. The new moon occurs around 9 pm EST and its influence is about 4 days in terms of setting intentions. So, this weekend is ideal to create some space around you, preferably in a setting that speaks to your heart and nurtures you. I would normally recommend a water ritual; but, the full moon later this month is perfect for that recommendation (stay tuned!). For this cycle, I am recommending a meditation for alignment, to allow us the opportunity to connect with your next steps and creating some contemplation on your path. ENJOY!!

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