Aries Full Moon: All About Healing

For any of you following my moon blogs, you know that we explore the nature and type of opportunities available to us as we move through new moon and initiation energy through to full moon and culmination energy. This full moon, in first sign Aries, is very interesting as it focuses on a condition that has to be met in order to culminate.

In the last blog, I mentioned the significance of October in that many planets are moving from retrograde to direct positions in the sky. As of this writing, Mercury is direct and we should be feeling fewer complications and glitches, especially around communication and messaging. Jupiter, the great benefactor, is direct and brings its gift-giving talents to a powerful close to 2021. They join Pluto and Saturn, having gone direct earlier this month. Simply, there is momentum in the sky and you are encouraged to seize it.

So what to do with this momentum. Well, we are healing as a condition of this full moon. Chiron (pictured above) is the Wounded Healer and deeply connected to this full moon. We are being asked, as we move into this last wildly manifesting part of the year, to ensure that we are in full awareness of our wounds and their healing. These are wounds we bring into relationships and expect others to heal. These are are insecurities or gaps we bring to our professional world and that hinder our progress on the world stage or how we gain resources. These are the secrets we keep that do us harm and prevent us from being integrated and whole and therefore capable of delivering our gifts to the world. Finally, these are the limiting beliefs that keep us from standing in our light and sharing it with others.

Chiron asks us to own our healing. To hold ourselves accountable to our own soul integration as we ascend our paths. If any of you have followed my Jupiter readings this week, you will have noticed that the call to healing is huge: the Major Aracana cards Chariot, Olivo, and Ipeo are messages from the universe to accept profound change, to ignite action, and step fully into the Life you are gifted to own. The Minor Arcana cards are about the emotional wounds that need to be released and any conflict that needs to be resolved in order to manifest the master energies of these cards.

During this full moon, we are being asked to resolve, heal, close, clarify and even release that which ails us and limits us. With so many beneficial planets that are direct in the sky, there is positive support and beneficial energy to enable this healing at precisely this time. Mercury is clearing the path for clearer communications and intentional messaging that will be received. Jupiter is offering reward for the good soul work being done. Pluto is lifting the veil and removing anything obscuring your view of the truth of a matter. Saturn, in future-focused Aquarius, is ensuring positive lesson-learning.

When we add in the Aries Full Moon energy, we have prime timing to receive its gifts. What are the possibilities? Aries is first house energy in astrology and is all about the freshest and brightest new beginnings. Restarts. The brand spanking new. Big, bold, beautiful beginning energy. We are being asked to embrace new or entirely renewed relationships - or release them. We are being asked to not only receive but to seize new opportunities at work: seek new partners; brand or rebrand to new clients; ask for new work; and sign new contracts. Finally, we are being asked to refresh ourselves, with Chiron's help, as we ride this wave of renewal through the end of this year and into early January.

Because this Full Moon is in Fire, a burning ceremony is in order and focused on release. This burning prayer above can accompany a sage or smoke ceremony; an intimate fireside moment; or a raging bonfire (responsibly of course!). Whatever your choice of ceremony, feel free to use prayer only or, if it is cathartic, write a list of release items or prepare objects for burning. The goal is the same: we must release in order to manifest.

With love and healing,


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